Consumer Justice Concord



Elite Web Developments was started by Mr. Stephan Venczel, a group which is currently located in Canada, with expansion plans into the US, Asia and Europe.. Elite Web Developments Ltd. is an Internet - Technology Company which is currently headquartered in Canada, with expansion plans into the United States, Singapore and Europe.

The CONSUMER JUSTICE CONCORD™ was originally conceived of and developed by Mr. Venczel, who is our founder and progenitor. Back in as early as 1999, Mr. Venczel conceived of and wrote the founding documents for the CONSUMER JUSTICE CONCORD™. After examining and studying the Global Consumer market, he wanted to create a new and innovative approach in being able to protect Consumers overall, bringing them into the 21st century. He wanted to allow Consumers to finally unite in ways that only the Internet could allow for. He also envisioned the creation of the first kind of consumer web site of its type, FULL-STOP.COM.

However now, here in 2020, we all live under the problems of quarantines, pandemics, sequestration and the like, and given that the entire subject of consumerism and shopping has changed so much, Mr. Venczel felt that now, more than ever, consumers needed to be educated and protected in the three-ring circus which today we call ‘on-line shopping”. More than ever, consumers need to be made aware of things which in years gone by, were never a concern. The on-line shopping process today has the involvement of more people than your doctor’s visit. People need to be more educated than ever that they are not being hosed or rung out because of things which they simply are not aware of, or understood. The time has come that the vendors be on their toes and fully apprised that what once went as acceptable, may no longer be acceptable at all. Consumers need to be aware, educated and empowered to expect the best; which they are entitled to. Know your rights.