Consumer Justice Concord

The Consumers’ Bill of Rights

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Let it become know that these rights are to be time honored and respected by those who would defend the rights of open trade and commerce by free men everywhere. These rights are upheld by those who recognize the importance and value of the people with whom they derive their incomes and with whom they do business, their Clients.

Article One


A. Consumers shall maintain the right to enjoy the products and services freely and openly they have purchased or contracted for, without the fear of:

  1. Breakdown or loss of use.
  2. Poor construction, inferior materials, or shoddy workmanship.
  3. Inadequate or improper design for the stated purpose or the product or service.
  4. Lack of information or support governing the use of the product or service.
  5. Loss of health or life.

Article Two


A. Consumer shall have the right to know, with the provisioning of such information being incumbent upon the Vendor, if asked, prior to the finalizing of any transaction or sale:

  1. Who the creator or manufacturer is and what is the place of origin?
  2. The original selling price or Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
  3. Full Warranty & support information about the Vendor’s goods or services.
  4. The full refund or return policies of the Vendor or Manufacturer.
  5. Special or extraordinary conditions of sale.
  6. Pricing guarantees or price protection.

Article Three


A. Consumers shall have the right to information about the business, organizations or foundations whom they support, regardless of the amount of support transacted. Such information shall include but not be limited to:

  1. The health or environmental safety record of the Vendor’s products or services, if applicable.
  2. What regulatory agencies have provided approval or reviews of the products or services offered, if applicable?
  3. Providing the Vendor’s employment, safety, practices, and records if asked.
  4. What the Vendor’s record abroad is, should the Vendor be operating in foreign countries.
  5. Corporate background Information about the Company, its people or its operations if asked.
  6. Where their profits are or will be directed, should they support any charitable endeavors.

Article Four


A. Businesses or organizations which collect the data or information about their clients through their regularly conducted business may not transmit, re-redirect or sell such information without the express prior approval or consent of consumers.

Article Five


A. Consumers of legal age, of competent facilities and those mentally cognitive, shall maintain the right to seek out and secure any medical help or treatment, modality, supplement, food or drug that they may deem necessary in the preservation of the own life.

Article Six


A. Consumers can and will expect that any store, merchant, dealer, distributor, manufacturer with which they deal or transact business, that those same parties will observe and will be cognitive of:

  1. Not to willingly or unwittingly harm any person who is their employ or who is within their care or business.
  2. Not to engage in the use of slave or child labor of any kind.
  3. Not to engage in any act of animal cruelty.
  4. Complying with the laws of the country or countries they do business.

B. Consumers shall come to expect that major vendors or manufacturers will in some way put forward some form of community service, community support or charitable giving in the communities or areas from which they happen to derive their income.

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