Consumer Justice Concord



Welcome to the CONSUMER JUSTICE CONCORD and our websites. The websites are operated by Elite Web Developments, who are working to protect and benefit consumers, all consumers, everywhere. Their goal is to help consumers get what they are rightfully entitled to or that which they have truly paid for. The objective to help consumers get the very things, the services, even the rewards that they had ever hoped to acquire, in safety and security. Never to worry that they are or might be cheated.

Our websites, our service offerings, our various consumer assistance programs are all here to make your shopping experience today not only a better one, but also a safer one. But the reality which we all face today is that “shopping” as we once knew it, has changed.

Before pandemics, the quarantining of mass populations, having to be locked up at home day after day, we all used to have the pleasure and the privilege going to a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ stores to buy whatever we could ever want. Do you remember the fun you used to have at your local shopping mall?

Shopping and everything associated over just even the last year, has seriously changed. Shopping today can be tiresome, laborious and even worrisome at times. But now, now you have a friend to help you. Someone who will stand by your side and look to see that JUSTICE is yours. Don’t allow yourself to be short-changed or cheated. Know that you can truly come out as you should be, ahead.

We encourage you to explore our website thoroughly as you will come to discover new shopping experiences, new websites, which are all aimed to enhance your shopping pleasure. We please ask that you review all the various sections and portions of our site, so that you will know, if you experience any challenges what to do, when and what are the best methods of reaching out to us, in getting our help.

Stay safe, always

-Consumer Justice Concord