Consumer Justice Concord

ConcordMail™ Email Service​


Consumer Justice™ is creating and heavily promoting that all consumers should give serious consideration to the fact that they should establish a new, separate or distinct email account of their own specifically for the purposes of dealing with their commercial activities.

Rather than seeing their home or personal email get clogged up with all manner of business, notices, confirmations, advertising and other commercial opportunities, etc., they are better served by having a distinct email account for themselves which they can direct all matters of their commercial lives to. Their personal email accounts which receive everything from their relatives emails, friends emails, their work emails, etc. do not get clogged up with notices and other types of commercial communications amongst their other private communications. It is by far an easier and more productive way of dealing with all that they do commercially or come to purchase on-line.

ConcordMail™ will be heralded as the best and most efficient way of dealing with email in a person’s private life and will save a lot of frustration, if not angst, so as not to miss important business or purchase communications, amongst other things. This way, consumers will very like much more want to see or know about what things they can do or engage in when it comes to new purchasing or opportunities for themselves. Over time, the additional account will shield consumers from things which they likely do not want to see a continual stream of in their personal affairs. Then when checking their ConcordMail™ account, they will know what to expect within that environment and will more happily accept those communications than being continually bothered personally. The ConcordMail™ approach is far better for consumers and yes, even better for merchants interacting with consumers generally.