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Online Merchants – 1™


Vetting Online Merchants

Consumer Justice Concord has a unique and truly important new program called ONLINE MERCHANT1 to help good, professional, capable, and dedicated merchants. It is a vetting & verification process through which we give a merchants a way to signal consumers that they are truly capable authentic and trustworthy. We come to provide qualified merchants the CJC seal of approval which they get to use on the merchant’s website or landing page. By this signal, buyers can rely upon these merchants without any concern. This way consumers are assured the will be properly treated and receive value for their money. In turn, merchants get to have more sales and success. It means by which we promote a mutually respectful, and profitable relationship between the merchant and the consumer.

The Process

In this process, an online merchant will complete a simple online form. In it, we gather specific pieces of contact information. This allows us as Consumer Justice Concord to be able to open communication and dialogue directly with the owner or management in case anything goes awry with any consumer. The information gathered is never shared with any third party and we hope that consumers always get what they were seeking. The merchant merely verify themselves by a phone call or a text message once a small fee is paid and the form is completed.

Being an Online Merchant-1, Online Merchant-2 or Online Merchant3

An Online Merchant-1 is the highest ranking. This rating means that the merchant is reliable, trustworthy and this way scores more success in business. An online merchant2 is also a trustworthy and credible rating but this means that the merchant may be in a country with some issues or payment problem. Online Merchant-3 is also a credible ranking meaning that the merchant is new and has not completed a year of online business. This way consumers are secured, and the merchant is given the confidence to be relied upon. Once a merchant completes a year with no issues happened, he is usually upgraded to Merchant-1 level. There's no special fee for it but the merchant must maintain a current status with Consumer justice Concord.

There are a number of great benefits in being approved as an approved merchant under our program and they are:

  1. Being listed in the Consumer Justice Concord GLOBAL MERCHANT DIRECTORY. Our listings are by product offerings or service categories as well as geography. When a consumer seeks something unique, our directory provides them a URL to the merchant enlisted in this program. This way, consumers can find merchants easily and quickly.
  2. The consumers who sometimes prefer to shop locally can get the geography of where the merchant is through our directory thus, can have easy access to the particulay merchant in their desired area or region.
  3. Consumer Justice Concord uses several different platforms to promote itself. So essentially, we become a very effective and affordable means for any merchant who don’t have big budgets to promote themselves otherwise.
  4. There may be times when consumers get an issue with the delivered product. We also know that consumers are also people who have their own expectations. If they face any issue, that does not automatically mean that there is a problem with the merchant. We support good merchants who believe in profitable dealing between themselves and the consumer. We come to support them both by helping with concerns or disputes which could arise between the two.
  5. We aim to give as many merchants as possible an equal opportunity to gain people’s online business. These merchants provide goods & services to all. In other cases, people are not given such options to their concerns.
  6. We aim to give as many merchants as possible an equal opportunity to gain people’s online business. These merchants provide goods & services to all. In other cases, people are not given such options to their concerns.
  7. We provide reasonable and affordable promotion & advertising. So whether it is promoting a sale or even becoming a featured site on Consumer Justice Concord, we will always endeavor to keep promotion easy as well as affordable for all our merchants.

Trust and Why Public Trust is so Important to Merchants

Trust is the 800-pound gorilla sitting in the room that merchants don't want to think about. All merchants want to be trusted but consumers have fears and concerns of being cheated. This way, smaller online merchants lose sales. Major online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay don't have such issues. So they enjoy great sales.

Solving The Trust Issue

We ensure to promote only capable business people. Our online merchants go through a process that confirms that the merchant will stand with the consumer in case of any issue. We CJC will stand behind the back of the consumer in any such case. We provide a seal (symbol) to the merchant after he has gone through the process. It is a public display of confidence & we allow merchants to use that symbol for the following year, once that has been vetted. The seal means that consumer justice concord stands with the online merchant & the consumer in case of any problem arose.

Advertising & promoting the Online Merchant-1 Network

We advertise and promote ourselves through various forums advising consumers that they should not ignore a merchant just because the might be small or unknown to the consumer. Or various advertising platforms features, such as 'Featured Sites' is one good example of how we can help to bring our merchants new business without it costing a fortune to build their business.


As a public statement, we would advise all that Consumer Justice Concord aims to build & support the online shopping experience as much as possible. We look to help the industry grow overall as we look to protect our consumers while they support our network of merchant members to grow & be successful.

Open & free commence is what is best for the world economy.

Let us help you build your dreams.