Consumer Justice Concord

Consumer Protection

Consumer Buyer Assurance Member Program

There will be times and circumstances which the on-line buyer will be caught in a situation where they are not getting the level or kind of support that they should be entitled to from the on-line store or the on-line merchants with which they can and come to interact with.

Possible Concern Initially Covered By Covered by CBA
Purchase failed to ship or be deliver ■ OLM, Credit Card Co. No
Wrong product received OLM No
Product does not work OLM – ■ OLS No
Damaged during shipping Shipping Co. No
Merchant goes out of business OLS No
OEM goes out of Business OLS / OLM Partial
On-line stores goes out of business OLS Yes
Warranty Support Failure OLS/OLM Yes■
Bodily harm or injury Yes■
Consumer Advocacy YesΩ
Non-response, On-line Store, Merchant YesΩ
Oversight – Guardian Protection YesΩ
On-line Store oversight YesΩ
On-line Merchant oversight YesΩ
Merchant – On-line Store reviews YesΩ
■ OLS, On-line Store, Company, party who maintains or operates the web site
■ OLM, On-line Merchant contracted by the OLS, to supply goods or services sold
Ω Members service support, Bronze, Silver and Gold
■ Other paid Services


Finally, on-line consumers will be able to get real justice from the on-line stores and/or on-line merchants that they have purchased goods or services can get needed help from

We offer consumers the ability to see their own sad situations, dealings, purchases and other unfortunate circumstances turned around. Our aim is to help all consumers everywhere with their problems to see that they are put right or bettered.

No on-line store or merchant wants to endure public shaming over what things they have done or even not done. Most all of these businesses do not want to be shamed or spoken badly about on the web. Most all would rather do what it takes to satisfy their clients or customers if they can. But there are exceptions and those are the operators, the on-line stores and merchants who need to be called out.

Our aim is to use the Alert Listings™ in both a positive and attention gathering mechanism where those good and helpful stores and merchants can be praised or sent kudos for their good work. Or alternatively those who do not want to see their customers set right, will have to deal with the fact that their customers will be able to call them out publically for any inadequate behavior or responses about their own personal dealings. That is up to them.

To be clear, the on-line shopping ‘industry’ is one which we, as a company, have a big stake in and one where wish to help all become the best and enjoy as much success for them individually as possible. But we also look to see that all consumers, everywhere, are happy with their dealings with all on-line sites and merchants. There are can be a few bad apples who, for various reasons, may try to pull a stunt which is not proper or moral or even correct in the commercial world. Those are the operators which we all must be on-guard for. Which is exactly why we have established the Alert Listings™ system to provide positive feedback and comments for all who deserve those. So yes, Alert Listings™ can prove to be a very positive and useful tool for consumers, as it was meant to be.