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Welcome: As an opening special, we are now offering our new subscribers a great value, an ‘Introductory Special’ on GOLD Memberships for the special price of 85 cents a month or $10. 20 Canadian a year for full GOLD Membership in the Consumer Justice Concord. (Its about 67 cents US. a month, which is ± $8.00 US a year.)

With your GOLD Membership you gain access to all the savings, assistance and information we provide along with other support features we offer. Gain access to the world’s top shopping sites, many of which you likely have never heard of. Get a better understanding of the rights Consumers have, along with tips on how to protect yourself while shopping. If you avoid just one bad possible experience, that will easily pay for your membership. Don’t go shopping without us.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

The following outline describes the various Membership features and benefits which are available through the Consumer Justice Concord:

A)Complete access to the entire Consumer Justice Website.
B) On C.A.L.L. newsletter – ELITE WEB DEVELOPMENTS LTD.COM in conjunction with the Consumer Action Liberty League will be publishing a monthly consumer newsletter called “ON CALL”.  The publication will deal with the leading stories and items for consumer over the past month.
C) Consumer Buyers’ Assurance Program – There will be times and circumstances which the on-line buyer will be caught in a situation where they are not getting the level or kind of support that they should be entitled to from the on-line store or the on-line merchants with which they can and come to interact with.
D) Problem Solving & Good Habits – Good information for consumers to have concerning the way that they conduct themselves and the way that they deal with their on-line transactions. We help outline good habits to form and useful tips to potentially prevent bad things from occurring later.
E) Insurance Programs – Consumer Justice Concord looks is offering a number of new and innovative forms of Insurance for consumers to guard against bad or unusual circumstances coming their way.

F) ConcordMail™ – Consumer Justice™ is creating and highly recommending that all consumers should give serious consideration to the fact that they should establish a new, separate or distinct email account of their own specifically for the purposes of dealing with their commercial activities. Rather than seeing their home or personal email get clogged up with all manner of business, notices, confirmations, and advertising and other commercial opportunities, etc., they are better served by having a distinct email account for themselves which they can direct all matters of their commercial lives to. Their personal email accounts which receive everything from their relatives’ emails, friends’ emails, their work emails, etc. then would not get clogged up with notices and other types of commercial communications amongst their other private affairs. It is by far an easier and more productive way of dealing with all that a person does commercially or which involves that which they come to purchase on-line. *Please note that ConcordMail™ is expected to become available March 17th, 2021.

G) Global On-line Shopping Directory, other than English -We provide a list of all of the English Sites globally, but for our International Members, there are sites to see which are written in French, German, Spanish, etc. also to shop on.
H) Hot Wire Advisories – We see from time to time very special or amazing deals which can become offered by a on-line store or merchant. To help our Members, we provide direct, email notifications on those, once known.
I) Consumer Informational Podcasts – To help consumers to better understand various opportunities available today, we offer Instruction Podcasts where specialty and area experts come to counsel our Members with important information to direct them to better and more intelligent buying decisions overall
J) Advocacy Services – For some consumers, they do not wish for themselves to be confrontational with any on-line store or merchant directly. We offer services to where we as Consumer Justice come to contact the site or merchant on behalf of a particular consumer to see what things can be done, what solutions, what restitution can be had to benefit the consumer overall, in a more friendly and likely a more productive setting.
K)Consumer News – We review various market sectors and new feeds that there are to see what new technologies, new products, new innovations will be soon coming along, so that consumers can have a better understanding of how their future purchases may become affected.
L) Coupon – Value Books – Published twice a year, we put together a compilation of special offers and introductory specials which are offered across the on-line shopping world. We provide the necessary links and if applicable, offer ‘codes’ which the site or merchant has provided in insuring that consumer can fully take advantage of those same specials vast savings being offered over time. * Published twice annually, in March and September of every year.
M) Consulting Services – As part of our goals to see the entire on-line shopping world flourish and grow, we help provide consulting services to new companies or operators who look for guidance and help in being able to start their very own on-line store. ** Additional fees
$10.20 CAD Year
$0.85 CAD Monthly
Membership Features Bronze Silver Gold
Full website access
On C.A.L.L newsletter
Consumer Buyers Assurance Program
Problem Solving & Good Habits
Insurance Program
Global On-line Shopping Directory, other than English
Hot Wire Advisories
Consumer – Instructional Podcasts
Advocacy Services
Consumers News Feed
Coupon – Value Books
Consulting Services