Consumer Justice Concord



The word ‘justice’ has a lot of meanings generically and the word can carry a number of meanings such as the quality of being just or righteous, moral rightness and sound moral principles. It can also mean seeing a justifiable form of punishment or reward taking place for a wronged party.

Here however, as we examine the matter of justice for on-line shoppers, for them it is to see themselves as a wronged or injured party, corrected or set right after the fact. If they purchased t or acquired something on-line, they want to know that their situation will be or has been rightly or justifiably corrected. Usually we never speak of justice concerning something which has not even happened as yet, but only after the fact, but not before. But everyone must stop and realize that everyone, even the on-line stores and merchants we deal with, need to be considered innocent until proven guilty. It is the standard of behavior that most civilized countries around the world observe. We don’t shoot first and ask questions later.

With all the people who are buying on-line, with the massive numbers of purchases and even the huge amounts of money on-line shopping represents today, it is surely inevitable that someone, somewhere is going to be wronged. That just happens. But even so, it is important that justice be done for who have been wronged. All shoppers want to see their situations turned around and corrected. It is why we as CONSUME JUSTICE.ME are here and here to help. To correct bad situations and to see consumers get the true level of justice that they are or were entitled to overall.