Consumer Justice Concord

Problem Solving



The first thing that we must all keep in mind is to take a balanced, calm approach to any problem or issue which arises. It is completely natural for people to become angry if they become confronted with a negative situation. Just don’t let your anger get the better of you first. Better and more productive things will happen if you remain calm.

On balance it is hard to imagine that any on-line store would actually want to make a concerted effort in seeing some hard done by or cheated, usually. It ultimately serves them no advantage to cheat anybody and most stores are sensitive to the matter of correcting their problems, usually. The problem is however that again, with but a few exceptions, and those exceptions have had or now have a bricks-and-mortar operation operating as well. Those on-line operations are usually looking to expand or augment their store sales with added on-line sales for their operations.

However, with that said, the remaining majority of on-line stores must rely upon outside merchants which they partner with, who are actually the ones to fulfill the product or item orders which come in. So we have to keep in mind that while the on-line store looks to keep a very clean and honorable reputation, they themselves may not even be aware of some types of problems or issues which have come up until someone complains. These parties act in good faith, focus upon their internet activities and plan the marketing and advertising campaigns for themselves overall. Most all want to have little or even no problems whatsoever. Its simply not good business for them going forward. Its not.

Keep Cool

The best and most counseled advice to give here is to review. Go back over the circumstances, review as to what has happened, why you believe it happened and document everything that you can. Remember that ‘screen-captures’ and photographs are your two best allies in dealing with any bad situation you may face. Those two tools can come to give you ‘visual’ proof that you may come to need later in proving your case. The few minutes it takes to put the current proof together might be something you will later regret not having done. Using what you bought can wait a few extra minutes, surely.


Once you have done a thorough review of your situation, you need to come to a conclusion as to what you want to happen. It sounds simple, but it may be that there are more options available to you than just being angry. You have to sure what you want to happen through the process.


As part of the services which the Consumer Justice Concord provides to its Members, we help people who may be experiencing problems or issues over something they acquired on-line. We help to take on the role of being their advocate. For some people, the may not wish to confront a problem or some company or party over having been wronged. You can write us any time about any problem or issue that you may have had. If ever you needed strong support for your challenges, let us know. We are here to help you.