Consumer Justice Concord



The power that Consumer has goes beyond that of just a single voice of a single consumer. Some of our (strong) tools we can come to deploy are:

ALLERT LISTINGS™ – We provide a forum, a venue for consumers to voice their concerns publically, where they can voice their concerns to all our website visitors, where they can caution visitors to the problems or issues which they also might not want come to endure, should they come to deal with a specific on-line store or any of those stores merchants. Nothing gets the attention of an on-line store or merchant faster than bad or negative review. Nothing. These operators are sensitive to the fact that out-right negative reviews or even less than complimentary reviews can come to significantly affect their websites and their sales. Most reputable organizations do not want to find themselves playing ‘catch-up’ with those kinds of situations, they do not.

MEDIATION SERVICES – Our site offers specific mediation services where we will act for and/or on behalf for any of our subscribers in order that they see justice being done for themselves given some situation which happens to have gone terribly wrong.

DIRECT CONTACT – One huge advantage which Consumer has is that we have interact with and have distinct channels of communication right to the on-line stores themselves. The reader needs to appreciate that these same stores are much more likely to pay closer attention to some who deals with hundreds or thousands of complaints more closely. As we monitor the ALERT LISTINGS™ very carefully, the stores know that we want any and every concern we bring them dealt with on an expeditious manner. They of anybody do not want to have or see any number of complaints piling up against them, which could or likely even be devastating for their businesses. That in turn means that we have a closer working relationship to these on-line operators than any single consumer would; which is very important in getting issues resolved and seeing justice done for all.