Consumer Justice Concord



The on-line shopping world represents a universe of possibilities. There is little today that you cannot buy on-line. Practically every type of need that a person might have, can be satisfied or purchased currently on-line. So whether it is clothing, books, toilet paper, televisions, jewellery, cellular phones, cosmetics and more, just about anything you want or need can be acquired on-line.

It would however be wise for us here to leave out the matter of fresh food and groceries though. For the most part, the logistical issues of fruits, vegetables, produce and meat, do bring their own issues to contend with. Supply chains, distribution, the aging and of the condition of the food, etc. all come to affect those products overall. Then, with the vast variety of food tastes which people have, that can and will complicate things even further. Some folks can be vegetarian, some vegan, some can have concerns whether the food it is organic, pest or chemical free and so on. Some will be concerned if the food is Kosher or Halal safe even. These are various issues which many people can be concerned about when it comes to their food. So there are issues and concerns which people can and will look for, all of which can complicate the matter of getting your food on-line. Likely even today most will look to visit their local grocery store for the things they really want. Most everything else however, you can get on-line.

The good news is that with the myriad of on-line stores and merchants out there today, it makes for a very competitive market price wise with many different outlets selling the exact product at varying price levels. One does not have to travel or walk miles to go price shopping. If you know what you want, you will likely find it a number of possible places to buy the exact thing you are seeking. That’s the easy part.

The challenging part is that of actually getting what you wanted and it arrives or that there are no other issues or problems which might or could possibly occur. Yes, for the most part, the owners of most on-line businesses all want the same results as their client’s want. To, to see things go smoothly, with no issues or problems resulting, period. In a perfect world that might or should happen. But as with the old saying about “Murphy’s Law”, things can and do happen to on-line shoppers.

We live with a system which can bring out many different challenges, albeit that nobody wanted those challenges. People are human. They can easily make mistakes. Those mistakes can result in a multitude of things which can and will happen which none of us want.

People Focused

Our main, central goal here is to help people just like you. To lend consumers a helping hand, a sympathetic ear, when it comes to the challenges which they come to experience. They can feel that they have a friend, and advocate that is there, ready to assist them, whenever they need that help.

If a problem does arise, we want to help you fix it. We want consumers to be treated fairly and justly in all of their on-line dealings, period. If nothing goes amiss for you in on-line dealings that is great. But there are and can be things, variables which can come into play which will make your purchase less than ideal. We are here to help you with those very problems and so see that the best result, the best outcome can come about for you.

New Opportunities

When it comes to the on-line shopping experiences of our Members, we also look to help our various Members find the very best, the best deals and the biggest opportunities which are being offered out there today as well. On-line stores can very often put out some amazing opportunities, unbelievable specials or deals for their clients. Often these same sites will do even bigger things in attracting even new clients, whom which they wish to attract. We work hard to find out where those opportunities are, what opportunities are being offered, to help direct our Members to the great opportunities the best that we can

From our own work, from our own research, we have found no less than 150 major on-line stores exist around the world. Here, we would classify a major on-line store as one who gets no less that 1 million site visits a year.

So the issue is, the challenge is, that for any on-line store to get to its existing clients and especially new clients, it has to expend a lot of time and money just to let people know about the great things that they’re dong. But then, what if there were an organization, a group, who would regularly direct you to those very specials and great deals whenever they came along. That too, is something that we do.

Safe Haven

In the end, what the Consumer Justice Concord comes to offer is a safe haven, a comfortable place to seek help if you need it. We also look to help consumers, you, find the biggest and best ways to save money during your on-line shopping experience. And candidly, that is where real justice comes in. Paying a fair price, maybe even a great price, super deals and exceptional pricing for things that you were looking to buy anyway. There is no justice in overpaying for something, period. Overpaying for something, once you find out you did, will not make you feel very good. It will not.

We liberally use the word “justice” as it can come to denote truth, legitimacy, integrity, appeal, reasonableness, and right, in things that happen. We will always strive to see you, our Members righteously done by. It is what we strive for most every day.